1215 Carbon Steel

1215 Carbon Steel

(UNS G12150) AISI 1215 carbon steel is a free machining steel grade which is perfectly suited for automatic screw machine operations.

1215 carbon steel, a resulfurized and re-phosphorized free machining steel grade, is used for automatic screw machine operations. With an improved machining free machining steel, 1215 steel grade has replaced Bessemer B1113 in the record. This carbon steel grade is often in applications which require excellent free-machining machining feature coupled with a smoother, brighter finish.

1215 grade contains carbon as its significant alloying element. Some of its alloying elements include chromium, aluminum, chromium, molybdenum, and copper which are present in its composition and contribute to some of its mechanical properties.

The 1215 steels are often rolled into 1215 Carbon Steelrods or drawn into wire for its designated applications. After which, those are straightened, cut to length, and are often subjected to screw machine operations. This carbon steel grade is mainly developed for manufacturing parts which require close finish tolerances, considerable machining, and bright smooth finish.

Other significant applications are the following:

  • Hydraulic hose fittings
  • Studs and pins
  • Couplings
  • Bushings and inserts

For its machinability ability, 1215 carbon steel can respond well to machining as well as to roll threading, nibbing, and minor bending without cracking. However, 1215 is not recommended for ordinary bending, forming, upsetting, and for parts subjected to high fatigue stress.

1215 is somewhat poor in terms of weldability because of its very high sulphur content. Recommended cutting speed is 225 feet per minute. Although 1215 grade does respond to conventional heat treatments, it is not considered as a case hardening steel.

We include 1215 carbon steels in our inventory to be supplied for different industries.

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