Medical Grades Bars

Medical Grades bars

Medical grade bars are specially designed to meet stringent requirements in medical industry when it comes to strength and design.

Medical steel made such a breakthrough in the surgical and biochemical industry. Medical grade bars are highly sought now by metal manufacturers for making high performance medical tools such as scalpels, scissors, surgical knives, etc. These medical tools and the steel they are made from must pass stringent requirements in the surgical area.

Medical Grades BarsMedical grade bars must exhibit the following:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High strength and resistance against stringent acids especially during sterilization and cleansing

These medical grade stainless steel bars are subjected to very critical applications involved in biomedical and surgical operations which include cleansing, rigid sterilization, and incision activity. These medical bars must have the ability to withstand rigorous chemicals and acids involved in every operation. These steels possess very high resistance against getting rust but not harmful to human body.

For such high requirements and demands from biomedical industries, we release our inventory of medical grade steel bars:

316L Surgical Stainless Steel

Most popular stainless steel grade in surgical practices. 316L 316l surgical steel are effective in surgical operations when cold-worked. This medical steel grade is best in replacing biological tissue or helping stabilize a biological structure like bone tissue.

304 Stainless Steel

304 stainless steels meet the very stringent requirement in design and fabrication criteria. 304 grades serve as response to the challenge of engineering medical devices in all shapes and forms with a variety of jobs in the surgical operation.

420 and 440 surgical grade stainless steel

420 and 440 surgical grade stainless steels belong to martensitic steels which are also best applied in surgical applications. They are known as “cutlery stainless steel” that contain high carbon steels alloyed with chromium.

Due to the heavy demand of medical steel bars coming from surgical industries, we continuously work on our full production of medical grade bars made with highest quality of alloying elements. Our production staff work closely on coming up with custom medical bars with high precision and high strength to meet biomedical required specifications.

If you are looking for the best medical grade bars for your stringent biomedical operations, get our free quote to get the latest of our products!