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Tube Centerless Grinding

We perform tube centerless grinding to grind high quality tubing products of both straight tubes and irregular tube shapes and bent tubing.

As a response to the high demand for high quality tubings products, we further improve our centerless grinding operations to meet the various requirements set by our customers. We perform centerless grinding that can effectively finish straight tube even of various shapes as well as bent workpieces.

Tube centerless grinding is eminently used to give accurate finish and clean polish to tubings. Tubes are to be machined and ground to get rid of mark or scoring and to polish it for surface finishing. Grinding cylindrical tubes may be smooth running but it also highly requires a high degree of manual skills and solid experience to achieve a smooth surface and precision straightness.

We have several heavy-duty grinding machines which can grind and work tubes both straight and curved. A fine finish is achieved through using abrasive belts. Stainless steel tubes usually require grain finish same as aluminum tubes. Grinding process must prepare tube’s surface for plating and coating in order to remove imperfections on the surface and smooth it so scratched and all other imperfections can be undetectable after coating and plating are applied.

Manual grinding tubes can be quite difficult but semi-automated and automated tube grinding can speed up the job – which often effectively create safer cleaner work environment.The advantage of centerless grinding is it can help put a grain surface finish on straight tubes as well as on those tubes with irregular shapes and those bent tubing.

Our high production throughput for tube centerless grinding systems can provide high production throughput at minimized operating costs.

This is an additional machining capability we offer for our customers to improve competitiveness and efficiency along with optimal custom-tailored solutions and comprehensive service.

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Precision Straightening

Precision straightening for returning bar’s desired shape after stress and distortion or warping caused by heating & welding, and cooling.

We are highly capable of performing precision straightening services for our customers’ request. The eminent request is for straightening bar stock and tubing products its tightest diameter tolerance, precision straightness and roundness, and surface polish per foot.

Essential machining operations are involved in the conjunction with straightening process which includes centerless grinding, saw cutting, and polishing for the preparation of the materials to precision applications. Straightening comes from the principle of metal’s expansion when heated and its contraction when cooled.

Plastic deformation range is the resulting tension of restricting a well defined and heated section of a workpiece to expand. On the other hand, controlled cooling helps contract the metal more than it being expanded when heated. If it’s performed correctly, the material will be straightened out of its existing distortions.

Precision straightening is a rigid process in which results would only depend on how small the heated area is and how quick working temperature is obtained.

There are a lot of factors to be considered during the straightening course which involve:

  • Fixturing methods
  • Heat area
  • Metal thickness
  • Cooling rate
  • Metal type
  • Fuel gas

Precision straightening is highly useful as it returns the desired shape of a material after heat and welding leaves stresses and subsequent cooling distorts and warps the material.

Straightening is one of our highly essential machining operations we perform for our customers and the large industries we serve like medical, automotive, aerospace, and power generation, especially for shafting applications. We are capable of straightening and processing nickel alloys, carbon steel, titanium, and precious metals.

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Precision Centerless Grinding

Precision Centerless Grinding

Precision centerless grinding operations for bringing up tight tolerance, precision, rough surface finish, and all-around polish for your materials.

We use advanced technology and operations that can hold parts to tolerances. Its wide range of machining operations includes Precision Centerless Grinding.

Precision Centerless GrindingWe supply precision ground bar materials perfect for close tolerance machining applications. With the use of productive thru-feed centerless grinding machines, we are proud of our capabilities to produce high precision and tolerance to products and provide the fastest lead times. Starting with materials with superior machinability features, we see to it that the end results are excellent straightness and consistency with the dimensional tolerances from bar-to-bar and bar-end to bar-end with its Precision Centerless Grinding operations.

We work closely on consistently producing higher quality finished components, improving material yields, having a lesser scrap, and lesser machine downtime to meet customers’ strict criteria.

Our Precision Centerless Grinding Capabilities:

  • Ultra-precise Tolerances of desired foot lengths and roundness
  • Precision bars or parts
  • Precision bar grounds
  • All materials like metals, ceramics, and plastics
  • Excellent finishes to 2 Ra
  • Diameters – .005” – 2.50”

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Roll Straightening

We perform special roll straightening to give precision straightness to round bars, metal section, tubing products, etc., and correct deformed parts.

Roll straightening is a machining method designed for straightening thick and thin sheets in both hot and cold states. Straightening and stretching machines are used for straightening metal rolls. These are machines are specially designed to straighten rolls and coils. Machines are developed from the finest grade materials as well as the latest technologies.

Roll straightening is a high pressurized processing method which is utilized mostly in deformation process. It can be used to straighten hot rolled and annealed materials like metal section, tubing products, steel bars, etc.; their straightness can be changed by extruding.

We use either manual control or automatic control mode as options in straightening up materials. These options allow us to meet the various requirements of our customers when it comes to their specific applications. We have two-roll straightening machines that are specially designed for straightening hot treated or annealed, hot rolled round materials to provide them better billets for the follow-up process and to give it excellent bar straightness. Our system implements the use of equipment with a series of technologies including electric, lubrication, hydraulic, and mechanical.

What is better with our straightening performance is our machine’s’ ability to allow polishing function. Thus, our capabilities may include press polishing of bars. Our straightened bars are extensively used in high temperature and high-speed applications.

Our wide variety of machining options are tailored to their finest and up to the highest quality with regard to steel engineering standards to meet exact requirements when it comes to tolerance, precision, and finish. We work closely on quality and always perform Quality Inspection in each of our operations. In addition, we also take full understanding of basic fundamentals in machining in order to meet the rigid standards in machining and to target product specifications.

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OD Grinding

OD Grinding (outside diameter) best applied to external part removal for optimum operation, allowing great surface finish and polish.

We boast our best surface grinding capabilities for the completion of your manufacturing goals. In line with our aims to offer you with our great machining solutions, we also include OD grinding technique to our operations.

OD (Outside Diameter) Grinding has been one of the most used grinding techniques just like centerless grinding which is highly sought in the automotive industry for camshafts and crankshafts.

To achieve different desired finish by customers, OD grinding technique is divided into four different variants of grinding operation such as the following:

  • Plunge grinding [in–feed centerless grinding]
  • Centreless outside diameter grinding
  • Through-feed grinding or thrufeed centerless grinding
  • Centreless longitudinal grinding

This grinding technique is occurring on the outer surface of the workpiece between the “centers”. These centers are end units used to hold the workpiece at each end, allowing the piece to be rotated. The grinding wheel also rotates in same motion with the workpiece but in opposite direction, allowing rigid part removal for a smoother operation with less jam up times.
There involved in the operation the presence of super abrasive wheels as well as high precision servo control that make it possible for achieving that very tight tolerance and perfect diametrical dimensions among ground bars used for camshaft and crankshaft application.

The process in OD grinding is sequential but performed at a very rapid speed. Such operation is highly beneficial towards cost-savings at highly reduced work handling times. Thus, for rigid automotive operations that require effective machining solution but at a cost-effective price, OD grinding solutions are best applied in this field of application.

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Round Precision Metals

Round Precision Metals

The ranging demands for round precision metals urge for boom production of quality products with adherence to quality and standards.

Round Precision MetalsDue to the existent quest for high precision in bars and all materials necessary for manufacturing applications, we go on with our full boom production of round precision metals. Our products include bars, sheets, tubes, and many other custom sizes and forms for your different applications.

We forge our products with adherence to top quality standards, keeping products finished with the desired diameter tolerance, hardness, and precision. We always strive to meet our customers’ satisfaction, working closely on quality and time delivery of our products.

Below are some of our extensive metal inventories that earn a lot of requests from the large industries we serve:

  • Stainless steel bars
  • Alloy round bars
  • Aluminum Steel Bars
  • Duplex Stainless steel
  • Pump Shaft Quality

Our production round precision metals are achieved through the implementation of our precision surface grinding operations which include centerless grinding, OD grinding, thrufeed and plunge grinding. Targeting on meeting our customers’ rigid demands for precision, best surface finish, and tight tolerance, we work closely on these surface grinding operations to meet up those rigid requirements.

Round precision metals are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and finishes. We can also come up with custom cut size lengths once requested by our customers. This is made possible with our grinding solutions that are performed with the use of CNC machines and high-performance tools. Quality inspection is implemented in every phase, making sure all the goals are met with less downtime.

We have our wide array of round high-quality metals that are best applied in a wide variety of uses such as hardware, construction, craft, and manufacturing.

Our round precision metals are always open for deliveries across Chicago and the MidWest at affordable prices.

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Precision Bar Grinding

Precision Bar Grinding

Grinding bars of different sizes and elements is made effective by our precision bar grinding solutions that can bring out tight tolerance and polish in bars.

Precision Bar GrindingAs a World Class Precision Advancement Resource, we offer our Precision Bar Grinding services to all manufacturers and industrial sectors.

We do supply shafts and ground bars cut to length for close tolerance machining applications. Having a wide inventory of materials available for custom needs, we are open for whole orders for the shipment of customer requirements.

We provide consistency with precision ground bar, enabling a process to prevent unintended downtime.

Our Precision Metalworking Operations:

  • Precision Bar Grinding
  • Ground & Polished Shafting
  • Bar Stock Conversions
  • Turned, Ground, and Polished
  • Bearing Quality Shaft

Precision Bar Grinding Capabilities:

  • Millimeter metric sizes
  • Architectural finishes on pipe & tubing
  • Chrome tube & rod
  • Stainless steel, alloys, plastic, non-ferrous, and spring steel

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Ground Steel

Ground Steel

Ground steel with the tightest tolerances, precision roundness, and surface polish can be cut to standard metric sizes or customer requirement to meet their needs per application.

Ground Steel

We supply ground steels to meet the high demands of our customers from large industries.

Our ground steel bars delivered throughout the Midwest are made with the finest quality produced out of our centerless grinding operations. We are a wide supplier of ground steels along with a full range of steel standard specifications. These ground bars have the tight diametrical tolerance, precision roundness, and fine surface polish which are suitable for any high-performance application.

The straightness and roundness of ground steel bar ensure its capability to suit any machining in environments requiring minimum vibration during the bar’s rotation at high speed.

Ground steels are highly used for parts that require cold forming like that of swaging, crimping or bending. For highly severe bends, stress relieving is required for cracking prevention.

Ground steel can be highly suitable for carburized components such as the following:

  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Cams and machine parts
  • Patterns
  • Non-critical components of die and tool sets
  • Drive shafts and pump shafts
  • Pins and bolts
  • Rolling bearings and ball bushings
  • Tool holders

Ground steel products can also be supplied in an annealed condition to be used in applications like stripper plates, punch pads, machine parts, backup plates, and machine pads.

Our precision ground steel bars are available in a wide range of standard specification and metric sizes – they can also be produced in custom sizes in these steel types: high speed steel, alloy steel, stainless steel ground bar, tool steel, high tensile steel, and carbon steel. Our approximate time for production and delivery of precision ground steels will be dependent on the required sizes, specifications, and quantities.

Our ground steels are ground through centerless grinding solutions to meet exact sizes and diameter tolerances. We can do different standard ISO tolerances for bright drawn, precision ground, polished, and smoothly turned round steel bar.

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Grinding Thin Wall Tubing

Grinding Thin Wall tubing

Grinding thin wall tubings can be quite complex but we incorporate our own machining methods to still meet your tolerance requirements.

Backed by our highly productive and superabrasive grinding machinery, we can provide precision grinding processes for products ranging from sizes and forms including round bars, rods, thin wall tubings, as well as complex parts.

Grinding Thin Wall TubingFor thin wall tubing products, we can be capable of grinding them up to their finest and to their tightest diametrical tolerances especially for materials like stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Optimum grinding is performed by the abrasive removal of necessary parts of material and is produced stress and burr free without metallurgical damage. Shape distortion, residual stresses, and surface roughness are measured on thin wall tubings of different nodule counts.

In some cases, grinding thin wall tubings can be quite complex. Their tensile residual stresses are very prone on the surface. In addition, the depth of their profile decreases as they become compressive. Distortion can also increase when the nodule count and depth of cut increase while the work speed decreases. A perfectly implemented hone can be the solution to the challenge. Floating and fixed hones can be used and both have advantages. Floating hone can be used to do several internal works while fixed hone can help the bore maintain its “trueness”.

We incorporate the use of CNC solutions to our grinding processes to achieve products’ desired quality in terms of precision roundness and diameter tolerance.

Our operations for grinding thin wall tubing products entail the use of In-feed grinding to prevent variations in surface configurations from a worn out tooling due to the steel material hardness.

Grinding thin wall tubing products can be used in applications requiring condense, seamless tubes such as:

  • Role condenser tubes for heating
  • Thermal and nuclear power stations
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Medical
  • Foods and Candy
  • Electronics
  • Toys and crafts
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Process applications

We perform different machining processes for a wide variety of industries and customers we serve with regards to top quality and standard steel engineering.

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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Our custom packaging services are best recommended for steel and metal products of whatever sizes and forms – we ensure product’s 100% quality transported across places.

We also highly specialize in custom packaging for our all metal products ranging sizes, lengths, weight, to shapes. We have the equipment, experience, and skill to come up with proper designs for manufacturing packaging that can protect metals from rust and damage.

Custom PackagingWe always take consideration upon how industries change and we always adjust on new methods to have cost-effective and better steel and metal packaging for our customers upon delivery. We don’t sacrifice and ruin product’s quality in whatever kinds of product you have from scrap metals to automotive parts, we make sure these products are delivered to you in their pristine condition and on time.

Our custom packaging services are best recommended for steel and metal products of whatever sizes and forms. We incorporate custom designs with the use of CAD software and skillful experience of our packaging experts. We secure packaging boxes will firmly hold and support materials to avoid metals hit other metals or parts and to prevent nicks and scratches to appear. We also work closely on metal wrapping to prevent parts to protrude and to avoid exposing them to moist or humid conditions which can cause rust.

We are capable of these packaging options:

  • Wood crates and shields
  • Boxing – wood and cardboard fiber
  • Cardboard tubing for all sizes
  • Paper wrapping
  • Cardboard collars
  • Utility boxes
  • Paper tube
  • UPS packages
  • Custom wooden boxes
  • Collared and wrap

We perform it right to make sure our customers will never receive poorly packaged products to their doorstep. We handle even most intricate parts like those CNC-machined, ground metals; we make sure we maintain their true quality. Tight tolerance, surface polish, and precision roundness will be transported 100% upon delivery and shipping.

If you have more questions about our packaging capabilities or want further information about any of our other product availability, please contact us directly or get our Free Quote to be assisted with your request today!