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Fabricated Metal Manufacturing

In response to the requirements in electronic components, we supply our nickel-based materials best with conductivity and high strength.

Fabricated Metal One of the industries that highly require the supply of metals is the Metal fabrication. Raw metals are machined to achieve required part size and form based on engineering design. Metal structures are built through different machining procedures including forming, bending, cutting, and assembling procedures.

Fabricated metal manufacturers transform raw metals and steels into end products, metal furniture, machinery, and computers and electronics. Basically, they are subject to join separated metal parts together and to give shape to individual pieces of metal.

Metal fabrication is a value-added operation that involves the construction of structures and machines out from a variety of raw materials which include steels and metals of all grades and types. A multitude of essential machining operations is set to accomplish jobs in part formation. This process offered additional value to customers to let them come up with custom parts and their required measurements and dimensions.

There are major segments in the fabricated metal products which include structural and architectural products; tools, cutlery, and kitchenware; tanks, boilers, and containers; coating, polishing, and plating; forging and stamping; springs and wires; and pipe and valve manufacturing.

The fabricated metal manufacturing industries have traced a large scale in the steel economy growth which comes along with efficient manufacturing and technical expertise. It has pushed a large movement of purchasing raw materials like steels and metals which, as a result, many steel suppliers have also expanded their product inventories to comply with this large demand.

Manufacturers also sought for high-quality materials to ensure product efficiency.

As a response to a request for quality and durability in the machines and metals used,

We develop our machining solutions for a variety of manufacturing purposes and thus, we perform the following operations:

  • Straightening
  • Cutting
  • Turning
  • Springs
  • Chamfering and more

In addition, having stainless steels as the most sought metal for fabrication, we also supply other high strength metals such as tool steels, alloy steels, nickel alloys, and carbon steels.

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