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8620 Alloy Bar

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8620 alloy bars possess good machinability and have minimum distortion which is all good in polishing operations.

Stainless Steel Bar We offer our inventory of 8620 alloy bars that are used in numerous applications such as pinions, gears, cranks, cams, shafting, tie bars, clutch shafts, axles, collets, heavy-duty pins, bushings, springs, die cases, bolting, hand tools, and a huge number of machinery parts and components.

8620 Alloy Bar is low-cost steel alloyed out from carbon, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. It is a kind of alloy bar with good carburized properties. The nickel content plays to the case toughness at high strength with above normal core toughness. What results to good surface hardness and wear in the proper formation of carbides is the molybdenum and chromium support.

We extend our inventory of 8620 alloy bars that develop a hard outer crate with a soft ductile core – all good for your high-performance application!

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