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Our first responsibility is to provide the best services to our customers who require the finest in standards and quality.
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Bar Chamfering

Bar chamfering is perfect when it comes to achieving perfectly chamfered bar ends for smoother indexing and connecting two surfaces together.

Bar Grinding & Polishing

Bar grinding & polishing expertise we offer to maximize your performance in rigid applications requiring tight dimensional tolerance and precision roundness.

Bar Grinding

We boast our frequently used machining operations like Bar Grinding for your bars of different grades and sizes.

Bar Straightening Press

Bar straightening press is used straightening and delivering precision roundness for shafts (bars).

Bar Stock Cutting

Bar stock cutting services for achieving bar cut lengths according to your exact specifications.

Centerless Grinding Services

For achieving high tolerance, precision roundness, and perfect surface finish, we perform centerless grinding to complete high-performance applications.

We Also Process and Supply Materials

We stock a large inventory of material forms and provides hot or cold finished products of various grades and types.

Chrome Plating

We boast our wide range of metalworking services like Chrome Plating or often referred to as “chromium plating”.

Bar Straightening

We offer our Bar Straightening operation that is one of the first in machining operations in tube or bar finishing.

Custom Packaging

Our custom packaging services are best recommended for steel and metal products of whatever sizes and forms – we ensure product’s 100% quality transported across places.

Grinding Thin Wall Tubing

Grinding thin wall tubings can be quite complex but we incorporate our own machining methods to still meet your tolerance requirements.

Ground Steel

Ground steel with the tightest tolerances, precision roundness, and surface polish can be cut to standard metric sizes or customer requirements to meet their needs per application.

Precision Bar Grinding

Grinding bars of different sizes and elements is made effective by our precision bar grinding solutions that can bring out tight tolerance and polish in bars.

We Also Provide High-Quality Steel Products

Steel Quote 3 Prices is your one-stop-shop for all your steel requirements ranging from sizes and lengths with high quality and tolerance.

Round Precision Metals

The ranging demands for round precision metals urge for boom production of quality products with adherence to quality and standards.

OD Grinding

OD Grinding (outside diameter) best applied to external part removal for optimum operation, allowing great surface finish and polish.

Roll Straightening

We perform special roll straightening to give precision straightness to round bars, metal sections, tubing products, etc., and correct deformed parts.

Precision Centerless Grinding

Precision centerless grinding operations for bringing uptight tolerance, precision, rough surface finish, and all-around polish for your materials.

Precision Straightening

Precision straightening for returning the bar’s desired shape after stress and distortion or warping caused by heating & welding, and cooling.

Tube Centerless Grinding

We perform tube centerless grinding to grind high-quality tubing products of both straight tubes and irregular tube shapes and bent tubing.

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